Sunday, June 12, 2016

May/June block

Here is my May /June block for Rochelle. It will be hard to part with as it is the perfect size and design for a cushion cover! I used a fabric behind as suggested to keep the stripes in order. I don't think I could have made this block using a different method. 

And, here at last is the quilt from my quilt block 2 years ago - my first quilt! There are still a few loose ends to finish but I am thrilled with it (though now hidden on top of my daughter's bunk bed). Linsay helped to show me how to set everything up ready to quilt and I borrowed her old quilting machine. Et voila!

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Four Quilts Finished!

All of these quilts are from our group!

The first two are the January/February 2016 quilts for the two little girls whose mom died of cancer in December 2015. I took the blocks home to New Mexico with me in April. My mom and her quilt group helped me all of one day to finish making all of the blocks (each quilt needed 36 blocks!!). I spent another two days sewing the tops together. Finally, one of the quilters from my mom's group (Dotty Bell) used her long arm quilting machine to stitch them together. These quilts were definitely a collaborative effort, and they are beautiful and perfect for little girls!! I would still be making blocks if it wasn't for all of the help. The girls have them now and were thrilled to receive them. We have had a lot of cold rainy weather this spring in Switzerland so they are getting used. Thank you all!

This is the January 2014 quilt. It was long arm quilted by our lovely International Stashes member, Amy (in Iowa). I haven't decided if I am going to keep this one or give it to a friend for Christmas. I have some time to decide.

And finally, our January 2013 quilt. This was also quilted on a long arm machine by our lovely Amy from Iowa. This one is definitely a keeper for ME! So much time and effort from our group went into the making of this quilt.

Ladies! I also have to share with you that I have an art quilt that is currently on exhibition at a textile museum in Germany.
 I have been taking courses with Nancy Crow for the past 8 years. She curated this show and I was invited to participate. I made five large tops over the course of a year and a half. She chose this one:
 A detail...

I have absolutely nothing else in the works right now, so I will be able to get Rochelle's beautiful block finished and in the mail soon!
Hope all of you are doing well!

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Sailing boats

Here are my sailing boats, I hope they are ok. March and April seemed to go by very fast and I left making them a bit late!
Rochelle, looking forward to starting yours next, they're so pretty.

Monday, April 25, 2016

May/June Blocks

Hi Ladies,
As a relatively new quilter, I am learning as I go and enjoying the process.  So far, I've had the opportunity to gift away each quilt that I have made so for this time around, I have decided to make one that my family and I will enjoy using together as a beach quilt.  I realize that I am jumping the gun a bit on getting my idea out there for the May/June blocks.  Please don't feel rushed, I am simply trying to cross one more thing of the 'to-do' list by posting this now.

So . . . my idea comes from this block

I found the instructions using this link.

I am looking for bright, bold colours and bright, bold, geometric patterns too.  My plan is to be able to put them together to make nice big blocks with navy sashing.  If you have any fabric that also has a nice navy accent, that would help to ground it, too.  In this particular link, she uses a white fabric in behind the strips to help to attach them.  I'm ok if you choose not to use this as well.

If you follow the directions, and make 4 smaller squares that are 8 1/2 inches each and attach them,  it will make one final block that it 16 inches square.

I hope I've given enough info for everyone to get started!

Thanks so much!

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Easter sewing...

Four day weekends...something special about that extra time at home, when there are no visitors or things we need to do. So I've reconnected with my sewing machine this week and it feels really good...

A little snapshot update of what I've been up to lately...

My blocks for Micaela's Boxed In December request...

and Jennifer's Jan/Feb blocks, that are now on their way to New Mexico for her visit with her mom...I love that she shares this tradition with her mom and can't wait to see how the two quilts come together. I loved loved loved this block! What a fun and creative design. Now with my 'new' machine, lining up those HSTs isn't nearly as daunting as it used to be with my 70s era Kenmore!!!
And for our International Stashes members from 2014, I am admittedly waay behind in finishing our Charity Quilt (Rocky Mountain Puzzle), but it's finally coming together. I couldn't salvage one of the blocks that was sent but wasn't the right size, so I made three new ones and have just sewn the top together, have picked the backing fabric, and have the batting ready...I'm hoping I can polish it off this week. It will end up being a twin size and I think I'm going to top-stitch it rather than pay someone to long arm quilt it... and then I'll be giving it to "Quilts for Kids" on behalf of all of feels good to finish this beauty. It's so cheerful. Shall we do another charity quilt for 2016? I'm happy to lead unless someone else would like to...let me know.

Happy Easter to all of you...I'm going to finish those potatoes and go for a run in this gorgeous sunshine, now that all our ice has melted and the sidewalks are dry! xxo Katy

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Little boat blocks...WITH INSTRUCTIONS!! March/April here we come

I love spring...and this weekend it feels like spring is almost here. Even though Ottawa is blanketed in snow, the sun is shining and the air smells different...

So for March/April, to celebrate spring and all things bright, I'm asking my quilting bee to help me finish the sailboat quilt I have been planning to make as a baby gift for my brother's baby James...he'll be one year old in June and I've since re-drafted my plan and am going to make it a double quilt rather than a crib quilt. It will have more staying power.

Here's what we've made so far...

So, two more of the same as last year, please and thanks!

Instructions (thanks Jennifer for finding them!!):

Pure white (no prints, my fave is Kona White) for the background
Blue prints (no batik or mottled, fresh solids are great, fun little prints to make the boat part) in every shade of blue from navy to aquamarine... last year, you guys were so inventive and found lovely nautical prints and fun japanese fabrics that make me smile.

The instructions:

Please use her modification - so the 2.5" x 4.5" print on the bottom of the sailboat is replaced with 4 of the 2.5"  squares to keep with the scrappy you'll see from last year's blocks, the visual effect is so lovely.

Friday, February 19, 2016

blocks from Claire

Here are my blocks for Jennifer, I hope you like them. It's such a pretty pattern, the girls will be lucky to get these quilts.