Friday, November 28, 2014

Claire's block for Micaela

Here is my block. It is also a green block - I hope you get enough of the other colours! It was very nearly a red one but green won. It was so simple to make, yet looks so effective. This quilt is going to be lovely.
I am trying to get on top of things ahead of Christmas - my son has just 2 weeks of school left before his Christmas holidays!

Sunday, November 9, 2014

One weekend, three blocks

I'm feeling pretty impressed with myself to have completed these little projects.  I am rather pleased with how they turned out and I hope you lovely recipients like them.

Pam's block:

I knew I wanted to do some kind of rainbow for you Pam. I was thinking of some kind of star block, but a suitable background other than white was not leaping out at me.  Then I found this design while searching for ideas on the web (apologies to the designer - I've lost where I've been so I can't give you the appropriate acknowledgements).  I like how I could still have a rainbow with the warm colours surrounded by the greens and blues.  Misses 9 & 11 both prefer the left hand arrangement, but I think I like the drama of the right hand one. Anyhoo, I will send you both Pam.

Claire's block:

I rarely use pink and yet it was such fun choosing fabrics for this Claire.  I was a bit worried that I'd ended up with too many dot/circle prints, but I compared my photo with yours and Amy's and it looks like they tie in.  I think the resulting quilt will be delightfully charming.

Micaela's block:

I started out trying to create you a yellow block Micaela.  But it kept ending up with too many other colours in it - sort of a sunset rather than a rainbow!!  So I went with my  It is quite amazing how many bright lime and apple greens I have in my stash.  This block makes me smile - I think I may have to make a twin...and then a quilt....not enough hours in the day.

Best wishes everyone
Anthea xx

Amy's block for Micaela

Here is my November block. I hope you like it, Micaela! And congratulations on your lovely baby boy!!! Does he have a name yet?!

Monday, November 3, 2014

November block - now with link!

Here is the actual link to the tutorial post I was talking about. Once you get there you can download the PDF file with all the instructions.