Sunday, March 30, 2014

Amy (Canada)

Good morning! We actually have some sun today, and although it is still below freezing here, I can imagine spring isn't too far away. Right???!!! 
I loved doing both of  these blocks. The charity block turned out so vibrant and fun. I love these monkeys! Sorry for the wrinkly block, Katy. I will be sure to iron it properly before I send it! Whoops! It was fun finding bright prints to cut for this block. I can't wait to see the end result. Happy sewing!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

March and April done! - Amy (USA)

Hi All,
I am feeling rather accomplished at the moment...only because I sewed March and April's blocks-completely avoiding projects I should be working on! :)
Anthea-I had fun putting together the whirligig blocks-such a quick project-especially without having to use templates. I think my daughter wants to make a quilt of these blocks too!  I ended up making two blocks. I also am sending Pam's block with mine. My family spent spring break out in Colorado for my nephew's baptism. My daughter and I spent a wonderful afternoon with Pam at the Colorado Quilt Museum, a local quilt store and a tea shop. It is so much fun to spend the day with people who share the same love for an activity-even better when it is with family!
My blocks-lighting isn't quite right here.

Pam's block- the lighting is off on this-the green isn't as olive as it looks here.
Katy- it was fun to dig through my scraps to see what I could come up with for your April block. I fell hard for the Bluebird Park line by Moda with the adorable animals-especially the hedgehogs so they had to make an appearance in this block!
Once again-lighting issues-that middle strip is actually a navy with stars.

And the charity block- I just finished my nephew's baby quilt out of Eric Carle fabrics so I went right to them for the charity block-love this block! Great choice!

 Here are the stars I have received so far! I love how they look together! I am excited to see them around the eagle panel :) I love the variety of shades in the stars. This picture doesn't do them justice!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

April Quilt Block

I'm ahead of schedule, and am in all honesty procrastinating from the other projects that I'm behind schedule here are the instructions for my April block! I'm so excited about this new project...and still aim to have my 2013 quilt done before all of your lovely blocks start showing up on my doorstop!!

For this month, I've chosen the stacked books is a gentle and easy beginner block, and makes use of all of your odds n' ends in your scrap bags.

I was inspired by this quilt and this quilt and and this Flickr gallery and  this tutorial is fantastic and the one you should use to make this 12" block. I think the design will work well for a Bee effort...

Some ground rules:

  • Please use plain white on white please! I used Kona White for mine and love the crispness of the white. If you don't have Kona, please find a whiter white instead of a creamy white.
  • I love bright and cheery modern prints (I'm not keen on mottled solids or batiks), and based on my experience with the 2012 quilt I made, fussy cut objects that make it in to the final quilt layout will give me delight for years to come...I play iSpye on a regular basis with my first quilt!

Here are my step by step photos to show how I made my first block!
The stash...for the 'books'.

The final choices ironed and in neat little piles. I tried to use all colours, and mix up the values. 

Pressing open the seams during the ironing...
Laying the strips out (I played around with the colours and placement quite a bit) and then I cut down the left side of the strips to make a straight edge...and then sewed the white tails onto the other sides!
Almost there...
The first block done...I may undo the seams at the fifth strip and move that Amy Butler green more in the bothers me all the way out there on the left, and I just realised the bottom blue could move over a bit more to the right... But, you get the idea!! 

Can't wait to see you what inspires your creations.

xo  Katy

Sunday, March 23, 2014

2014 Charity Quilt Block

Girls, I've offered to lead the making of our charity quilt this year... so I hope that you are up for it, and excited by the pattern I've chosen and the charity recipient...

Once I receive all the blocks, put it together and get it top-sewn, I will co-ordinate the donation of our quilt to "Quilts for Kids", which now is active in Canada.

For our quilt pattern, I've chosen the '"Rocky Mountain Puzzle", which will give us all a lot of room for creativity but still result in a stunning final quilt. Some great examples can be found here, and here, and here.

The tutorial we will follow can be found here, but I'd like the blocks to end up being 12", not 8:, so make the center square and the HSTs 3.5" and with a 2" border around the center square.... Bright, modern colours and prints will look best with this layout, I think...For the 'background' colour, please use plain white (no white on white, please). If you are inventive, using a fussy cut center will look neat...following a child's theme... a letter, a boat, a tiny deer, a child swinging on a swing, you name it, there are so many out there to choose from...

Can't wait to see how this quilt shapes up...

I'll send my mailing address via email, and just a heads up, April is also my month, so if you're ahead of schedule, wait to send them both at the same time to save on postage! But if you're like me, a delivery in December will be just fine too... Looking forward to seeing what creative things we all make to wrap up a child in love as they embark on the fight of their life.


Monday, March 17, 2014

Claire's block for Anthea

Here is my whirligig block. Anthea I really hope you like the green patterned fabric. I like it so much I am going to have to use it to make something for myself! It is a beautiful sunny day today, the spring flowers are everywhere, you can still see the snow on the mountains and it all looks so pretty!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Thankyou Linsay

Today in my mailbox I found these lovely blocks from Linsay.  Aren't they fun?
Thank you enormously Linsay, I really love them both.  This photo makes them look brighter and bluer than their gorgeous reality but they look right at home amongst the ones I've made.  I did try to press out the postage folds before the photo, but I can see now that I could have made a bit more of an effort.

Anthea xxx

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Linsay's blocks for Amy and Anthea

I have had continuing technical difficulties with my computer and it is driving me nuts.  I cannot get my photos to download.  The most likely cause of the problem is me rather than my equipment so I am going to make a post with no photos.  I posted Amy's block in February and I loved making it.  It felt very delicate and dainty after the big bold block of Jennifer's in January.  I always enjoy a bit of traditional piecing. 
I did Anthea's blocks last week and they were in the post my the 3rd of March. That is a record for me, I am usually on time but this month I was super quick.  I made two blocks because they were such fun and they should be arriving in Aus any minute now.
This evening we have been invited out for dinner so I am just off to get ready.  My seventeen year old doesn't want to go.  I have to persuade her to come and hope that she looks happy to be there when we arrive.  This can be a very stubborn age.

Another Whirligig for Anthea

This was my sewing warm up for this morning, I'm hoping to get lots more sewing done today, fingers crossed. Thanks Anthea, for this fun and easy project which ensures quick success! I loved giving it a second try. My two blocks will be in the mail for you tomorrow.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Anthea's Greens

After a month away from my sewing machine, I was able to finish off February's and March's blocks in one day! Your whirlygigs were so much fun to create... I only had two greens in my stash that fit your criteria. I hope you like them. Lots of love from chilly Canada. I type this while my kids run around like crazed monkeys - it must be the March break holiday. Next month is my month and I have NO idea what pattern to pick... I am eager to figure this out and can't wait to share the news with all of you.


Friday, March 7, 2014

Amy's Star!

Amy...just dropped this in the mail today, and my apologies for the delay... For some reason, February ate me up, and I didn't touch my sewing machine once. I did cut some of my HSTs for my large 2013 Stashes quilt into tidy little squares, but besides that was "sewing absent". Here's hoping March will be a better month for sewing! You have intelligently given me so much practice with HSTs that I now am actually starting to love them! Hope your quilt turns out beautifully. I love the colours and the design.

love, Katy

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

I'm Still Here and Still Sewing!

Hello dear Bee Members,
I am so sorry that I have fallen off the radar for the past month. February was just "one of those months" that I felt I was barely keeping my head above water! This past weekend I actually got caught up on the blocks for February and for March...then my computer would not let me download photos so that I could make a post. That problem is fixed now.

I apologise Amy USA that your block will just be going in the mail tomorrow. I hope it will be there in time for you to get the quilt together for your dad's birthday! Anthea, I agree with Canada Amy that I am happy to make a block or two more for you, just let me know.

Here are my two blocks:

A star for Amy...

...and a whirlygig for Anthea:

I hope you are all doing well and staying warm.
Spring is almost here!
Glad to be in touch again, you have been in my thoughts!

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Amy's whirligig for Anthea

Maybe I am a keener…! I have nothing on my sewing list, so I was happy to get this done right away. I love this square! It is so lovely and so so easy. In fact, Anthea, are you sure you only want one? It took less than thirty minutes. I hope these greens are what you had in mind! I know you like Amy Butler, so I tried to find a print that fit your requirements. The only comment I have is that I wasn't totally paying attention when cutting my white squares. I had to recut them because I didn't cut them opposite of each other. Otherwise, this was so simple and fun to do!