Friday, August 31, 2012

September's Block, from Linsay.

While we were in Marrakesh I drew some little sketches of the tiles on the floors of our riad.  The Moroccans tile almost any surface and it feels like they have laid out lots of patterns for quilters to follow.  Here is my little sketch of my bedroom floor and I am going to make a quilt in this pattern with help from everyone. (Left-hand side)

Here is my prototype block from this pattern.  It is a traditional ‘snowball’ quilt pattern.
You will need 9 different fabrics in any colours or pattern.

I am hoping that I end up with a charm quilt where every fabric is used only once (apart from the white).

The colours should be strong and not include any pastels, white, beige, etc.  I thought the guitar fabric in the picture was strong enough because of the black background but in hindsight I think it is too pastel.

You will also need a white or cream for the contrasting squares.  I used two different whites in this block because I finished one of them and had to find another but I like the effect.


Each large square is a 5” square.  I have tried to arrange them so that hot colours are next to cold colours.  If you put a pink fabric next to a green fabric a little bit of magic happens and the pink looks pinker and the green greener.  I think that Chris created the same effect with the combination of aqua and red.
Once you have the 9 large squares you need to cut 36 small white/cream squares, 1 ¾” each.  Cut a strip of fabric from the white fabric 1 ¾” wide, then cut the strip into 1 ¾” squares. 
On the reverse side of each white square draw a line with a pencil, just dark enough for you to see.  The line should go diagonally across the little square.  A sharp pencil will make this job easier and more accurate.
Take a 5” square and place a small white square accurately in each corner so that the diagonal line runs across the corner like this.

Sew along the pencil lines.
Cut away the excess fabric ¼” away from the pencil line.
Press the white points out and press the seam towards the dark fabric.
Repeat for the other 8 squares.
Once all the ‘snowballs’ are ready sew the 9-patch together by making three strips of 3 and then join the strips.  If you press the seams in the middle strip inwards and the seams on the outside strips outwards it makes it easier to sew the strips together and reduces bulk.  I am pointing to what I mean in the picture.  This isn't too important but makes a nice finish.

Et voilà! The block is complete.  Happy sewing.


Tuesday, August 28, 2012

More blocks for Chris

Yesterday I posted Chris her blocks.  I love the colour combination of red, aqua and white.  The contrast produced by the three colours gives a clean, crisp feel to the blocks.  It is going to be a great finished quilt.  The late summer weather here is beautiful and as I was taking the photos of the blocks I took a photo of the view from my balcony to show you all Switzerland at its best.

The man who comes to help with the gardening got in the way but the view is still lovely.


Thursday, August 16, 2012

Thank you :)

 Hello everyone!!

Your lovely blocks have been coming in over the past few days and I must say they look AMAZING!!!
 I thought would show you a few pictures of them all together.

It is pretty windy today and after 20mins of chasing blocks on the front lawn I decided to just hang them up! 

Amy(Canada), Jennifer, Amy (USA)

Meg(Jennifer) , Genevieve, Hayley, Chris

Thank you everyone! Can't wait to get the rest!!

Linsay's late block for Hayley

At last I have completed Hayley's block.  The summer holidays and visitors just took up my time.  I have used my free time over the last two days to cut and sew the block and it was great to get back into the sewing room.  I always enjoy traditional blocks and this one was great fun to do.  I am  going to put it in the post this afternoon and start on Chris's block tomorrow.  Sorry about the delay Hayley.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Genevieve's Blocks

Hi!  I've finished my two blocks for the month.  I must say these blocks were quite fun to put together.  I liked the fact that they were quite simple, yet very creative.  There were lots of ways to put these together to get different effects, but none were too complicated or tricky.
I hope you like my variations.  They'll be in the mail this week!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Amy's square for Chris

 I really loved working with these colors! I was surprised to find how many fabrics with aqua I had. Here is a picture with my two eldest.

And if you are distracted by the cuteness... Here is a better shot:  

Hope you are all enjoying your summer (or winter!)
xx Amy

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Jennifer's Blocks for Chris

Hello Everyone! I'm back in Switzerland now.

I had some time to work on Chris' blocks during my last week in New Mexico. Once again, I enjoyed working on a project that gave me the opportunity to explore in an area that I might not have otherwise. The challenge for me was to stay within the "red, white, and aqua" color groups. I have always admired Chris' peaceful aesthetic sense in her home and her making these blocks I got to experiment with her style of simple beauty.

Proportion was also something I was thinking about...trying to balance the size and location of the colored strips to the white.

Another great bee project, thanks Chris. Your blocks are in the mail!