Who We Are 2016

My name is Jennifer. I grew up in New Mexico but have been living in Switzerland for the last 15 years. I teach first grade at an international school. I have been quilting for ten years, my mom got me started. I have taken several courses from Nancy Crow and have also learned a lot from quilting books. I am married (12 years this past October 2015!) and also have a precious kitty.  I am looking forward to another year as a member of International Stashes, our fifth year!  I see our online quilting group as a modern extension of all of the women who have come before us who made quilts for friendship and as a way to express themselves. Through our online bee we are keeping the quilting tradition going and creating our own bit of quilting history!

Hi! I'm Amy. I grew up in Chicago, lived overseas for most of my twenties and some of my thirties, and am now settled in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada with my husband of 9 years and our 4 children. A teacher by profession, I am home with the kids now, tutoring, sewing, teaching sewing and trying to keep everyone fed and happy! I've been with the International Stashes since the beginning, and enjoy the opportunity to try out new patterns and experiment with color and prints. I'm excited for this next year!

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  1. How could I go about getting a bookshelf quilt for a very very dear friend who loves to read. Her birthday is February 15th. Is it possible? Email me please abbay5436@gmail.com