Monday, February 6, 2012

I have made a green block for Katy.  I have an ongoing project that I started over a year ago and it is made up of many green fabrics.  When I say 'ongoing' I actualy mean 'completely stationary' so I was glad to get out all the greens again and look through them.  I like the result very much and decided to take a photo of it outside on the snow, in the bright sunshine.  I was inspired by the photos of the blocks on the hangers to do a little more than put it on my sewing table.  I will put it in the post soon.



  1. Hi Linsay, There is a nice contrast between darks and lights in your block. Nice idea to photograph on the snow!


  2. The green is a wonderful choice. I love all of the fabrics in your stash! The lemons and limes are my favourite, I think!

  3. Love green! And a great idea photographing on the snow. A new challenge for us to photograph in different spaces/places...hmmmm.