Sunday, February 5, 2012

Weekend Quilting

I got lots done on Saturday but not as much on Sunday, even though I had big hopes of having TWO very productive quilting days!

Thanks to Meg for giving me a quick tutorial on Saturday on cutting perfect squares for Katy's block, I quickly went home and got to work. I chose to work in black and white because I have so many of those scraps. Freddy Moran and Gwen Marston say in their book Collaborative Quilting that quilts with lots of colors and patterns should have black and white fabrics which give the eye "a place to rest".

Then just for fun, I laid out the blocks I have so far for the January project:

Wow!! I haven't decided how I will lay everything out for the final quilt top, but don't they all look great together just like this? Thanks again everyone!!



  1. Jennifer I love all your black and white fabrics! When I went through my fabrics I noticed that I have very few. An area to expand! I love the sneak preview of the blocks that you have received so far. It is fun to see how everything is coming together. And the idea of having "a place to rest" in a quilt. A great tip :)

  2. I really like the black and whites! I do not have many in those either....maybe a trip to the quilt store is in order! The January blocks look great!

  3. Wow - the January blocks look awesome together! Nice work everyone.

    I'm not done my February block yet, I had to order some fabric, hope to get it this week. Can't wait to add my picture. I decided to do orange (I know some else mentioned they may do orange...) since it is my daughters current favourite colour and I thought I would make a little doll blanket with any extra I had left.

    Loving all the awesome February blocks too!


  4. Wow!! Jennifer, I absolutely love the black and white... I can't wait to see how all of the blocks fit together. I love your close-to-final layout. They work so well together!