Saturday, March 3, 2012

Local Quilting Night...

Some of us local girls got together the other night to have a group-think about the March block pattern! It was really a lovely way to share techniques, connect as friends old and new, and get re-inspired. 

This is Amy's trial flying geese! With a windmill print we all agreed we love! We learned how to cut on a 45, and the trick to getting the geese to line up.

A sneak peek at Genevieve's prints for her geese!

Shauna working on the binding for a vintage beach quilt she made from some beautiful fabric pre-cuts from a local thrift store... Shauna is a beauty and a thriftstore treasure hunting guru!

A peek at the work table! We worked well into the night...

Having fun with fabric!!


  1. What a fun evening! Amy, did you have Juliette Jane with you? (Your girls will catch the quilting/crafting/sewing bug early no doubt!) And Shauna we want to see more of that vintage beach quilt when you are done! Thanks for sharing photos from your evening!

  2. Love the idea of you all gathering together....maybe the Swiss girls will be able to do that soon! And it looks to me you've become total pros with the flying geese in no time flat! (Hopefully you're finding them easy and fun...) Can't wait to see photos of Shauna's work, as I always think some of the best stuff is thriftshop-inspired. xo Meg

  3. I must admit I am jealous of your get-together! It looks like everyone had a great time!