Friday, April 6, 2012

Waterloo Meeting April

The Waterloo faction of the International Stashes met up for the April block. We convened at Amy's house, and all brought our stashes with us to share. Michaela brought her gorgeous new son, Garner, and he helped with our color combinations. He was very opinionated. We talked a lot about the special scraps we had in our stashes, and the history behind them. Shauna brought a beautiful quilt top that her grandma has acquired, and then passed onto Shauna. It was funny how current it looked, even though it must have been several decades old. Shauna commented that when she first got it (twenty years ago), it seemed dated. Funny how trends come and go! Even though we all took scraps from the same combined stash, it will be interesting to see how they come together individually!


  1. First of all, congratulations Michaela on your new son! I'm glad Garner was able to get out with the girls and see all that gorgeous fabric!
    It looks like all of you had lots of fun sharing,digging through scraps, and idea making. As always, I can't wait to start seeing the finished blocks shown on our blog.
    One little thing I learned from Meg is that there is template plastic available from quilting and craft stores. I just found a link for these vinyl plastic sheets.
    Does anyone have other tips for making templates or is it just straightforward trace and go... easy?

  2. I actually cut out the shape on paper and taped it to my ruler! I lined up a long side with the long side of my ruler and it worked really well! A piece of cardboard cut out works as well.
    Amy (USA)

  3. Amy - did you have a camera? I was so absorbed in our piles of fabric that I did not even notice a camera in our presence. Thanks for documenting this fun evening. Love the look of all our fabrics laid out together. I think your blue walls really set them off :) Thanks again for a great night.