Thursday, May 31, 2012

Amy's block for Amy

Okay....I too couldn't resist making this block!  I have to admit that I actually had trouble mentally remembering to be "wonky" with this block! I know in life I am pretty good at "improvising". I have three kids, I have to be! But intentionally doing that in a quilt block proved difficult! I am tempted to turn around and make a second block of this just to test myself and practice the art of "wonky-ness"!

I decided to get this block done as quickly as possible because we are moving in about ONE month. I have a quilty to-do list that I am trying to clear off...with success I am pleased to say! I have 2 bags cut out and ready to sew for gifts for my good friends. I have the top pieced of the Zelda quilt I drew for my brother. And I finished a new boppy cover for my sister's soon to be born baby. My oldest son gave his good friend the Mario quilt I made. I have my youngest son's friend's quilt done and ready to deliver...I am really excited about it-he absolutely loves I designed a quilt with building blocks-

And I have the top pieced for my daughter's best friend's wallhanging. I figured out how to paper-piece and came up with this-

Amy- I will get your LOVE block in the mail to you soon! Thanks again for stretching my quilting abilities! I am having so much fun with this bee!
Happy Quilting!
Amy (USA)


  1. Hi Amy! You have been busy! It took me three tries with my letter "L" before I had it wonky enough. It was very uptight at first! :-) I found that starting with a wonky center and then adding on to that made it easier. I love the bright colors against the white in the Lego quilt, and the quilting grid that you did on the Lego piece is perfect! How do you get all of those lines matched up so well? I find this kind of work impossible, but my mom is good at it like you are. I really like the fabric and color choices you used for the FRIENDS piece.

    1. Thanks Jennifer! The key for me with the Legos quilt (or any precise quilting)is my 1/4" quilting foot. It has a metal piece along the right side so that all my seams are 1/4" every time. It helps immensely! And careful measuring and cutting help too!
      I absolutely love the fabric in the FRIENDS too. It is all by Sandy Gervais for Moda. Most of it is from the Lovely line with a few from Frolic. I absolutely love all her fabric!

  2. Amy... what an amazing amount of quilting you get accomplished. Now, if I had a quilting room like yours, I imagine I'd be just as productive...or at the very least, more organized :) I hope your new house has a beautiful spot for you too! The Lego quilt is so cool. I am thinking seriously about making something like it for my boys... there's another quilt I am also really loving, which is sort of a postage stamp style quilt with random placements of colourful squares on a white background. But instead of squares, they could be lego pieces... I dunno. Thinking aloud! You are inspiration!!

  3. I just got your block today, Amy. I love it! Thank you!

  4. Is there any way I could buy a copy of the pattern for this Lego quilt? I absolutely love it and would be grateful!
    Thank you,