Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Quilts of Denmark

Greetings! Last week, my neighbour Pat and I drove 1 hour to Ailsa Craig, Ontario to attend a quilt show called "Quilts of Denmark".  I took my camera so that I could post some of the beautiful works of art onto our blog and share them with you. Here are the ones that really grabbed my attention.

 And...a raw edge circle quilt! I like how the circles are layered. If I would have seen this before posting my circle tutorial, I might have asked for extra layers of circles to be added :).  However, it would be trickier to line up all the circle edges. I like how the quilter quilted swirls between the circles. I was thinking of quilting swirls onto the circles themselves for our group quilt.

 And the lovely bird quilt. A work of art. I am inspired to add text to some of my future projects. Talented quilters and artists.
Hope you enjoyed viewing these amazing works of art. Happy sewing. Shauna :)


  1. Absolutely amazing! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi Shauna, I LOVE all these photos, thanks for posting! I especially like the circle quilt too with all the layers and the raw edges. I also like the color choices she used on this one, I will have to keep those colors in mind for "something" that I make in the future.

  3. Stunning! What talented quilters....I love the idea of you quilting swirls on your raw edge circle quilt. Are you a machine or hand quilter?

  4. I love going to quilt shows. They are great places for inspiration. The photos of the quilts with rays of sunshine in two different colour schemes are lovely. Ailsa Craig must have been named after the Scottish island (uninhabited rock)of the same name. http://www.panoramio.com/photo_explorer#view=photo&position=13&with_photo_id=36976287&order=date_desc&user=4353485