Saturday, June 2, 2012

More than just a pillowcase

This is a pillow cover I made for my dearest friend. But it represents way more than just another finish off my list or another pillowcase. I am immeasurably proud of this pillow cover. Three and a half years ago when I started quilting I saw a quilt done in this pattern. I loved it, but wrote it off as one I would never be able to do-too difficult, too many curves. I have looked at the pattern now and again and felt the same sense of dread at those darn curves.  But a few months back, my dear friend found a new quilted bedspread she loved in similar tones. It didn't come with a pillow cover and she asked if I would consider making one to match. Little did she know the fear I felt when I said yes! We found fabric to complement the quilt. I took some measurements....and then it sat. I had the fabric in plain view in my sewing room hoping for inspiration.
Now, Shauna this is where your circles come in.....I spent all of May scared of sewing circles, only to find that once I started them, I enjoyed them! This gave me the push I needed to work on the pillow cover. I found a template for the petals. I sat down with graph paper and drew up the pattern and then I started cutting, sewing and ironing.
And now I have a completed pillow cover. Most importantly, I have the sense that I can take on anything I see quilty-wise. I have conquered my fear of curves. I designed a pattern that worked and actually fits the intended pillow. So now I am feeling pretty proud of myself! And I am grateful that I can share this here with you ladies because I know that you will understand! Now to conquer that fear of applique.... :) 

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  1. Impressive, Amy! Congratulations! Believe me, there is a talent to being able to plan, measure, cut, and sew so precisely! Glad you are feeling open to and excited about continued quilting challenges! Your friend will be happy to have and to use such a special gift from you!