Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Quilt for Paw.

My girls have always called their grandfather 'Paw'.  It is an old fashioned Scottish word for father.  It suits him very well and we all use it, all the time.  It was Paw's birthday at the start of this month and I decided to make him a quilt.  Fortunately, Granny and Paw came to visit us this week which gave me a couple of extra weeks to finish the quilt.
The quilt is made from stripy fabrics cut into triangles and then sewn into squares.  I started off by just playing with a couple of stripped fabrics that I had in my stash but soon had to go and buy about 8 more different stripped fabrics.
I took the quilt to Jennifer's house on the evening that I went to have supper with Jennifer and Meg.  I had started a border but it was not right.  Jennifer and Meg suggested a black border with small squares to match the body of the quilt. Great idea, I rushed home and made the new border.
I took this photo in the garden and the sun was too bright so the photo is a bit pale.  I really enjoyed making the border.  I took the quilt top to the shop with me when I went to buy the batting.  The lady in the shop suggested that I put sections of stripy fabric in the binding - another great idea!  Other people designed this quilt for me, all I had to do was show it to someone and they gave me the next step.

Paw loves his quilt and Granny has decided that it is too nice to be kept in the bedroom and that it can live in the living room on a sofa.  She has also decided to redecorate the rest of the room to complement the quilt.
Now I have to get started on Hayley's block.



  1. Hello from New Mexico! Linsay, it is absolutely beautiful!! I can see why Granny wants to decorate the room to match the quilt, I would too. Will you make me one now, please? :-))

  2. What a gorgeous quilt! Paw is one lucky guy. :).

  3. Linsay, this is truly a work of art... I love the colours and the black background which makes them all pop. I also love the story of how it was made. Inspiring!