Friday, August 31, 2012

September's Block, from Linsay.

While we were in Marrakesh I drew some little sketches of the tiles on the floors of our riad.  The Moroccans tile almost any surface and it feels like they have laid out lots of patterns for quilters to follow.  Here is my little sketch of my bedroom floor and I am going to make a quilt in this pattern with help from everyone. (Left-hand side)

Here is my prototype block from this pattern.  It is a traditional ‘snowball’ quilt pattern.
You will need 9 different fabrics in any colours or pattern.

I am hoping that I end up with a charm quilt where every fabric is used only once (apart from the white).

The colours should be strong and not include any pastels, white, beige, etc.  I thought the guitar fabric in the picture was strong enough because of the black background but in hindsight I think it is too pastel.

You will also need a white or cream for the contrasting squares.  I used two different whites in this block because I finished one of them and had to find another but I like the effect.


Each large square is a 5” square.  I have tried to arrange them so that hot colours are next to cold colours.  If you put a pink fabric next to a green fabric a little bit of magic happens and the pink looks pinker and the green greener.  I think that Chris created the same effect with the combination of aqua and red.
Once you have the 9 large squares you need to cut 36 small white/cream squares, 1 ¾” each.  Cut a strip of fabric from the white fabric 1 ¾” wide, then cut the strip into 1 ¾” squares. 
On the reverse side of each white square draw a line with a pencil, just dark enough for you to see.  The line should go diagonally across the little square.  A sharp pencil will make this job easier and more accurate.
Take a 5” square and place a small white square accurately in each corner so that the diagonal line runs across the corner like this.

Sew along the pencil lines.
Cut away the excess fabric ¼” away from the pencil line.
Press the white points out and press the seam towards the dark fabric.
Repeat for the other 8 squares.
Once all the ‘snowballs’ are ready sew the 9-patch together by making three strips of 3 and then join the strips.  If you press the seams in the middle strip inwards and the seams on the outside strips outwards it makes it easier to sew the strips together and reduces bulk.  I am pointing to what I mean in the picture.  This isn't too important but makes a nice finish.

Et voilà! The block is complete.  Happy sewing.



  1. oh I hate this time of the month because with every new block posted I think...Hey I need to make a quilt like this....LOL

    Can't wait to get started on this one!

  2. That's funny Hayley, me too! I want to make (and have) all of these quilts. Linsay, your sketch book looks wonderful. How long have you been keeping it and how often do you sketch in it? Thanks for another fun project, can't wait to get started!

    1. I just have one notebook which was a gift from my mother-in-law a couple of years ago. She and I share a love of stationery. I use it everytime I go on holiday just to keep a note of what we have done and seen. I sometimes use Calum's camera to make a record of things that I like the look of. I think a sketch is better but we often don't stand still long enough for me to draw anything.

  3. How lovely that you were inspired by your trip to Marrakesh. Such a beautiful city :) and the bright colours you have chosen ring true. Your block will make me think more about hot and cold colours too. Thanks Linsay!

  4. This will be a fun block! I am excited to dig through my charm stash and see what I can come up with! Now to get the quilt room set up so that I can actually sew....moving is tough...