Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Waterloo Hex Night!

A few snapshots of the local Waterloo-area girls from International Stashes getting together last night to try our hands at flannel hexagons!! We were lucky enough to have Genevieve in person, so she helped guide us and teach us...and I think we all have the hang of it now. Proof of that? I'm watching tv and hand stitching the rest of my hexagons!


  1. Hi Girls! Looks like another fun night! I think Linsay and I are getting together one day next week (it will be October break) We'll try to remember to take photos too. Last week I ordered a book called Hexa-Go-Go by Tacha Bruecher. Here is the blurb from Amazon: Tacha Bruecher takes a fresh look at an old favorite—English paper-pieced hexagons—with current fabrics and settings for quilts, table toppers, and more. Modern and traditional designs are both featured, including rosettes, stars, and free form. Learn how to combine settings and how to creatively quilt hexagons. Projects are varied for any skill level or time commitment – make a few hexagons, make a few more, or make few hundred. Making the individual hexagons are perfect for modern quilters on the go; they are terrific stash busters (and stress busters) that take your priceless handwork from repetitive to remarkable!

  2. I can't believe it!!! My mail order paper hexagons just arrived. They measure 2.5" on each side but FIVE inches across!!!! Obviously I missed a geometry lesson somewhere along the way. I just figured that 2.5" would mean 4 inches across! Oh dear, at least I will have them when my Hexa-Go Go book arrives. UGH! Here I go back to Meg's detailed directions on how to make hexagons. See... I said I learn something new every month because of International Stashes! ;-))