Saturday, November 3, 2012

Another preview...!

Hello girls! Here's some more work in progress...I'm very excited to show you my finished quilt top from our August wonky stripe block. I love the way it has evolved and come together. It was fun to play around with the layout and I liked the pairs together immediately.

Here's a snapshot of my chosen fabric for the backing. When Liberty released their first quilting weight fabric range 'Bloomsbury Gardens' I thought of my bee quilt straight away. This beautiful red fabric (with a hint of orange) is called Charles A. I was so glad my local shop had enough left on the roll :)

And now for the questions rolling around in my head....any thoughts as to what to use as the binding? I was thinking a plain red might be a simple option. Also, if I was to attempt to machine quilt (for the first time...!!) which design would you suggest?? Straightline/grid quilting or stippling? Although I have read that free-motion quilting is a harder choice for a complete beginner. Do you agree?

And, if I was to keep to the labour of love that is hand quilting....can you suggest a quilting design to use?

Please, please send your creative ideas my way..:))

Happy weekend!


  1. Hi Chris, So fun to see another wonderful quilt top coming along! I love love love the backing fabric that you have chosen, I'm going to get some of that! You might also consider using it for the binding as well...or a bright red solid? As for the quilting, I say give free motion quilting a try! You can always make and experiment with a small practice piece (20" x 20" layered just like a quilt with batting between two pieces of fabric). Since your design is so geometric, my suggestion is to try stippling which is curving and flowing. Here is a link:
    You can even get an idea of what stippling will look like on this quilt on page 87 of your Block Party book (I'm sure you have already seen this!). Stippling is easy and I learned it on my own over a weekend. I just used these practice pieces and then went on to the big quilt top.
    You will need the gloves she talks about in the video and the darning foot. I spray baste but my mom always uses the pins.
    Hope this is helpful, I know whatever you decide, your quilt will be just lovely!!! Keep us updated!

    1. PS: Here is another link that gives more details from start to finish on free motion quilting:

  2. Beautiful! Wish I had good ideas for you...I am also thinking ahead to how I am going quilt mine when I finish putting it together. Working on a border right now...

  3. Incredible Chris... I really love your artistic eye and how you chose the red white and aqua... it looks lovely. I really love your backing too. I think a plain red or aqua binding would look fresh.
    Can't wait to hear what you decide to do with the quilting. I just started machine quilting our February quilt this very morning. I've done some hand quilting and this is my first attempt at machine has gone very smoothly so far, thanks to some youtube videos, patience and guts! I am doing straighforward 'stitch n a ditch' for now... I don't have the right foot for the free motion stuff that Jennifer is doing, but i think it would look really stellar on your quilt. Best of luck, and please update us with your progress and pictures. I love the collective experience of watching these quilts take shape. It is really motivational for the beginner quilter. xo Katy

  4. Chris this is wonderful!! I love how our blocks came together. I really like the backing you choose too. I think a red binding would look best. You could even use the same red fabric as on the back. I have only hand quilted but would love to attempt free motion quilting. Keep us updated on your progress. Love the colour choice. Cheers, Shauna