Thursday, December 20, 2012

My labor of love!

It is done! My love quilt is done, and for lack of better word... I LOVE it! It is super scrappy, rough and uneven, and suits our family perfectly. Both girls have been eyeing it for their own these past couple of days. Evie had big tears rolling her face until I explained to her that this quilting square, unlike the others I've made, is staying with us. We've put the quilt in our guest room for now. The girls are happy with that. They can visit it when they snuggle with visiting grandparents. Thank you ladies!


  1. For lack of a better word, I LOVE it!!! It is fantastic!
    Amy (USA)

  2. Hi Amy! It's such a colorful and happy quilt. It looks warm and cozy too, what batting did you end up using? It's wonderful to see your daughters already enjoying it. Congratulations on a beautiful piece!