Thursday, January 17, 2013

Jennifer's winter blocks

I posted Jennifer's blocks yesterday.  It was a very cold and snowy day and it felt like the perfect weather for a winter quilt.  I took some photos of the blocks before I popped them in the post but now I cannot upload the photos onto the blog.  I used to just click on 'insert photo' and then choose the photo that I had stored on my computer.  Now that option doesn't seem available to me.  Am I doing something wrong?
The blocks were fun to make.  I had a very happy sewing Saturday last weekend while Calum and Flora were skiing and Arabella was studying for exams.  The dog was the only one who needed some attention.  I tried to take him for a walk but we had to cut it short when his paws got too cold.  He is a very wimpy dog.  He was holding one paw in the air at a time and looking very pathetic.  He was much happier when we got home and he got tucked in under his dog quilt. (yes, I made him his own quilt).  I'll post a photo of it when I manage to master this technology.


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