Sunday, February 17, 2013

Chris' spiders

I enjoyed the process of making these blocks for you Amy. My collection of bright and vibrant fabrics has definitely expanded since our bee began last year, and I loved playing around with the colours (and Jennifer you may recognise some of your scraps here too, thank you...:). I wonder if you chain piece does it distract from playing with the layout of fabrics? I tried it out for my last couple of triangles but in the end preferred to sew each strip one by one. Thanks Amy, it was fun to discover a new pattern.


  1. So pretty and fresh! I love them, Chris! Thank you.
    Yes, I am more distracted when chain-piecing. However, I still like the arrangements I've been getting, although I've had to watch not to have 4 blues in a row!

  2. Oh and I love the boats! My four year old, Anya, and I were playing I spy with the squares I have now. I hope there will be many more little items for them to find when it it all put together!

  3. So pretty Chris! I love all the bright pinks. I also like the way the half circle (or rainbow!) was created with the yellow, pink, purple, and blue fabric. This quilt is going to be gorgeous!
    Amy, fun idea to play I Spy with the blocks!

  4. Lovely and bright Chris. I too love the oranges and pinks you've put together. Amy you are going to have such fun sewing up this quilt.

  5. Chris, a lovely block! I love the bright fabrics and the randomness of your arrangements. A great block choice for our quilting bee, Amy. I am inspired to start my own spider web blocks...soon. Cheers.