Friday, March 29, 2013

Meg's block from Linsay

I have finished Meg's block but it is Good Friday and the post office is closed until Tuesday.  This evening I am going to Scotland to visit Calum's parents and then my brother so I'll take the block to Scotland with me and post it from there.  It is bound to be a bit cheaper than the Swiss postal system which is a slight benefit.  I have manged to take a slightly out-of-focus picture but I'm sure that you get the idea of how it looks.

I enjoyed choosing a selection of blues for this block and I found a nice white for the background which has a leaf design on it.  The hopeless photograph has also highlighted the pattern on the white fabric which is very subtle in reality.  I love traditional piecing so making this block was very enjoyable, thanks Meg.


  1. That white is really cute Linsay. Your choice of blues and patterns make the blocks really lovely.

  2. Lovely work as always, Linsay. I especially like the dot within a circle fabric. Have fun in Scotland!