Saturday, March 2, 2013

'the Ocean Blue' - Meg's block for March

Gosh all, I was 'March' last year and I just cannot believe that I'm already posting another project!  Of course, I've got a new house, new country, new school, new community....maybe all of that has got something to do with how fast the year has gone by.  Anyway, is anyone else as ready for spring as I am?!

Ta Da!!  Just not quite under the wire, here's our project for this month.  I apologize for the slightly late post.  I have a lot of confidence in the site from which I chose the directions, but I'd never actually made this block following those instructions.  I thought I'd better take the time to actually do it, potentially saving some frustration if there was a mistake in the directions.  But they're clear and accurate.

'Ocean Waves'

When I was a kid, my grandfather used to spout off a poem designed to help students remember facts about American history:  "In 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue; he sailed so fast, he fell on his a@%, in 1492."  My grandma always used to say:  "FRED!!!  That's enough!"  But I've never had any trouble remember the year in which Columbus 'discovered' America.  Maybe now you won't either!

So in honor of my grandpa, we're all going to sail the 'Ocean Blue' this month!  Here's a photo of my inspiration:

Here's the link to directions for the block:

Similar to the spider webs link last month, there are just a couple of places where I've personalized the directions.

1.  Where they say "light" or "medium light" fabric, please use a clear, crisp white on white.  I'm hoping for a clean look overall.

2.  Where they say "dark" fabric, please use a clear, clean blue with any (light, medium, dark) value.  I'm hoping to get a scrapier look than the photo above.  Here's a pic of the fabrics that I'll be using to fill in the extra blocks I'll need:

As you can see, I've worked hard to exclude:  grey blues/aqua blues/blue prints with a lot of other colours.  I did allow in a slight purple tint, because at some point, it's almost like you need to choose which colour of blue you want and the ones I liked seemed to be leaning that way.  

3.  Please only proceed through step 8; then send me the sub-blocks without sewing them together.*  There are a couple of design options for putting together 'Ocean Waves' and having the sub-blocks will let me figure that out on a design wall once I have all of your wonderful work!

4.  Here's a pic of one of my sub-blocks.  It went together easily and I had fun with it!

*  The finished block is very big -- four of these sub-blocks for a total finished size of 20" x 20".   I found it took me 3 hours from start to finish for the whole block.  Please know that if you have limited time, I'm grateful and happy to receive just 2 of the sub-blocks and I will fill in as needed.  

Thanks everyone!  I can't wait to see what you make!  xxoo Meg


  1. Meg, I'm so excited to work on this project. It just so happens blue is my favourite colour, so my stash is heavy on the blue...though this is good reason to do some more fabric shopping.
    Given your eye for precision, I knew that my goal for the March quilt would be to perfect my sewing technique and send you something that will fit in nicely with your other pieces... A sneak peek comment on the April quilt? It too will require some half-square triangles!!
    Hope you're enjoying the snow on your side of the province.

  2. ooooh Meg, I love your choice. What a gorgeous pattern!! I'm a big fan of blue too. I love how quilts connect people and enjoyed reading the story about your Grandpa :)

  3. Hi Meg, Love the story about your grandpa and that this is a quilt in his honor.
    I've already started pulling fabrics. Thanks for the very precise instructions for the types of blues you want as well as a photo to reinforce. Last spring I ordered a selection of white on white fabrics and I have pulled one of those to use as well. Looking forward to getting started, it is a very fresh springtime quilt! Yes! I am ready for warm sunshine and color outside too!

  4. Meg, this is a gorgeous block. I am a recent convert to the beauty of triangles and I really love it. It will a great challenge and I am looking forward to getting stuck into it.