Friday, May 17, 2013

A Completed Quilt!!!

I am very, very excited to write this post!!! I finished the Octagonal Rainbows quilt! I absolutely love this quilt for so many reasons. The colors, the blocks, the fact that each block came from all of you spread out across the world! I have entered it for consideration into a quilt show that will be held here in Iowa showcasing modern quilting. If anything, I think this quilt shows how far quilting has come because of the Internet and access to people all over the world!

I wanted a good label with everyone's names and locations at the time the blocks were done. I checked and re-checked the positions of each block and the name that goes with each! 

I echo stitched around each block and in each "slice" of the octagons. I also  echo stitched around the borders. Luckily I had enough fabrics in my stash to create the border!
 Thank you everyone! I love this quilt!
Amy (USA)


  1. wow this looks great!!! So glad to help you out with the quilt!

  2. It's beautiful looks like summer! I also love your choice of backing and binding fabrics. And I like the label with our names from around the world. After the show, will this quilt rest on a bed or hang on a wall in your home? It already has many stories to tell! Thanks so much for sharing, it is a treasure!

  3. Amazing work Amy! Love the way you quilted each block and how the border really completes your quilt. It's eye-catching. How great it must feel to have finished it. Following an upcoming family trip to Europe, my plan is to work on our August 2012 quilt! Ah, fingers crossed..!

  4. Beautiful!!!! Love the finished product. I especially like the scrappy border. This was the most challenging block for me to make to date....great to see it put together. Thanks for sharing, Shauna :)

  5. This quilt is so moving... Amy, your top stitching is incredible and makes the quilt really pop. I am so proud of 'our' accomplishment...and that block was a killer one to make! I now can see how worth it all those little pieces are!!
    Please let us know what feedback you get from the quilt show!!