Saturday, July 20, 2013

Anthea's + & x blocks for Doris

While my collection contains some fabrics that match your preferences Doris, I found it quite tricky to finalise the selection.  And in the end the results show that I forgot Amy's discovery about the role of value - one of the lime green fabrics really disappears.  But I guess that will be ok if you avoid squinting or peering at it through your view finder in B&W.
I was conscious of everyone's warning about sewing on the bias, so where I didn't need to, I cut along the grain.  And I used some incredibly smelly spray-on starch to hold the bias cut squares. That worked a treat, although the effect of the perfume on this essentially fragrence-free home was a bit overwhelming.  So I shall be searching for an alternative.  Perhaps because of the starch, I think the bias-cut squares were easier to handle than the grain-cut squares.
Thanks to Chris for sharing her font fabric.
Have fun with these Doris.


  1. Pretty, pretty, Anthea! They both have such a nice variety of fabrics. I know what you mean about the smell of starch, why is that I wonder? Can starch really smell that bad that someone feels perfume needs to be added? Anyway, thanks for the tips. A week ago I was about to get started on mine but today I really AM going to start!

  2. I like your combination of reds and greens, Anthea. Doris is going to have a very colourful quilt!

  3. Well done choosing your fabrics, Anthea. Love. Shauna