Sunday, September 1, 2013

Anthea's blocks for Chris

Time slipped away and here it is September.  Here are my blocks for you Chris, made using a lovely citron wild-flower fabric and contrasting spot.  It was very hard to make the cuts into these pretty materials.  And I made a error and had to cut again...oh the pain.


  1. Ohhhh so exciting to see another post! Thank you Anthea for these fabulous blocks. I love their cheerful nature and can't wait to see them together with the other blocks. :))

  2. Hi Anthea,, It's neat the way the yellow dots match the yellow in the floral fabric. It almost looks like the whole background is yellow, with the pink, white, and reds coming forward. Does that make sense? :-) Pretty!!

  3. oh and I forgot to say how great the citron wild-flower fabric looks. Love it!!