Monday, November 4, 2013

Anthea's block from Linsay

Here is the block that I have made for Anthea.  The greys and the blues work very well together.  I chose one white/beige which had a bit of pattern on it and it stands out, especially in the photo.  I hope that in the overall scrapy look of the quilt the pattern blends in well.  I used the log cabin ruler (see comments on previous post) and it was excellent.  If anyone plans to do a log cabin quilt on their own I would definitely recommend it.  I have a few strips of blue/grey which I am about to post to Jennifer so she can add them to her block if she likes.  I am looking forward to seeing the final look of this quilt, I think it will be terrific.
Happy Sewing Anthea!


  1. Oh thank you so very much Linsay. I love it. You've done such a great job. The blues and greys are going to fit right in and those cute little people are a fun touch.

  2. Thanks for the scraps, Linsay. They arrived today and I will happily be able to incorporate some of them into my block. It's supposed to rain all of next weekend so I'm sure I will be busy sewing. Nice work on Anthea's block too. It has two very distinctive halves!