Sunday, November 17, 2013

Winter beaches...

Dear Anthea,

I have tried hard to capture the look and feel that you are trying to create with your log cabin quilt... I hunted for these blues, since I didn't have many in my own stash.

There is a piece in one block from a pillow case I used to have on my bed as a teenager, when I went through a white and blue "Ralph Lauren" phase... The outside darker blue fabric on the one block is from Jennifer's aunt's stash...I felt really blessed when she sent it to me, saying she thought it reminded her of something I would like. And does she ever know me - it is one of my favourite fabrics in my stash now. It is a bit on the darker side... The grey blue on the outside edge of the other block comes from a large bolt of William Morris fabric my mom gave me - he is her favourite designer and I have a lot of fabric in that style from her... Of the whites on white, my most favourite is the tree print. It says winter to me...

And you may ask, why are there two?! Well, my first attempt didn't measure up exactly - it is just under 14.5"...and so I thought I'd make another. And I don't think you're going easy on us this month with the choice of a log cabin design - it is timeless and classic and can be adapted to a modern quilt look too...and it gives us the time to make more than one block if we feel like our first just isn't right. So that's what I did tonight... I sent some of these fabrics to Amy and the Waterloo gang so they may show up in Shauna/Micaela/Amy's blocks too...

I can't wait to see this one come together! I'm so glad you joined our group... Now it's time I start to look for a pattern for our charity quilt. I'll send these off tomorrow to you.



  1. I did wonder if I was asking a lot choosing those greyish blues and I love how you've managed to track down some goodies Katy. I especially love your the pillowcase recycling story. There are some gorgeous off-whites too and I share your love of the trees, thank you for being so generous. I'm feeling very privileged.

  2. Oh, and I feel a bit awkward that you've had to make two.

    1. They are both lovely and would fit right in to the whole quilt I'm imagining.

  3. Anthea, I'm a perfectionist and I know they're not quite right...if I find better luck at the other fabric store in town with the greyish blues, I'll make another one... don't feel awkward! This design is one of my favourites, and I always am up for a challenge to find the right hues for a project. I'll keep you tuned... xo

  4. Katy, those blocks are lovely. I agree with you, the blocks are fun to make. They come together very quickly and give a great effect. Once I had made one I was definitely inspired to make more.

  5. Hi Katy, So glad the fabric from my aunt's stash made it into Anthea's block. I will be sure to send the link to your post to my aunt, she will be thrilled. You have made two more subtle and beautiful blocks. I can't believe we are nearing the end of November. I will have to get busy on mine this weekend.