Wednesday, December 4, 2013

November Blues and the Charity Quilt

I don't have the blues; I'm talking about these November Blues for Anthea:

So looking forward to seeing these all put together, it should be a stunning quilt!

And I finally got around to making my 12.5" charity blocks. Because it could have taken me days to decide on what blocks to make, I decided I would grab one of my magazines, and the first two 12" blocks I found would be the blocks I made. The issue I pulled had this "Sparkler" block:

and I happened to have both a yellow & a blue alphabet fabric by the same designer as the focus fabric that Jennifer chose for this year's charity quilt; my finished Sparkler block:

and the same magazine had this Churn Dash pattern in 12":

and again I dug into the scrap basket to make this fun block:

These four blocks made a good dent in my ever-growing scrap pile!  Now to make up the December block and get them all off in the mail...

Merry Christmas,


  1. Thank you so very much Doris, the colours and patterns you've used will mix in really well with all the others. It will be such fun putting it together and am looking forward to playing with everyones generous creations.
    I'm feeling humbled that you have sewn two blocks. So I hope I don't sound ungracious but those of you who haven't got started yet, one block really is plenty.
    Your charity quilt blocks are fun Doris and I think really suit the type of quilt it is going to become. I love that spotty puppy looking directly at me in the Churn Dash block.
    Happy festive season.

  2. Not ungracious at all; I guess I got used to making two each month, so I got carried away. Use the one you like best and do what you like for the extra, Amy and I will be mailing ours together.