Sunday, January 19, 2014

Here's another January Block for Jennifer

Despite December and January zipping by in a blur of festive celebrations, camping holidays, kids swimming lessons, a short return to work and now planning for another few days camping, I managed to complete your block last night Jennifer.

I felt being completely incompetent and nervous when using my rotary cutter without the ruler to lean against Jennifer.  I'm always up for a good challenge and I pushed on and eventually managed somewhat rectangular pieces of fabric.  However, my somewhat wonky rectangles and squares have resulted in somewhat curved seams and a couple of slightly under 8-inch sub-blocks.  But I could compensate for that when joining them all up.  Two trimming errors (same sub-block, same error repeated, same self-admonishments) meant that I had to cut two extra rectangles and I have to confess that they were made using the ruler.

My local fabric shop is quite limited in its range of solid colours so I am nervously hoping that you like what I did manage to find Jennifer. It wasn't until my final sub-block was being put together that I realised that I had not used any white, but I think perhaps that is why I could combine a pale grey, very pale green and a cream without making the whole thing look too washed out.

I feel like I say this every time, but I really am looking forward to seeing how you arrange all our blocks,

Anthea xx


  1. Thank you Anthea! It is just what I was hoping for...perfect color choices and placement of fabrics. They are all looking great ladies, thanks so much!!!

  2. Anthea, your block looks great! I also had curved seams and blocks a bit under 8" too... in the end, it seems the pattern allows for that...

  3. OOhhh, lovely! I love the softness. It kind of looks like you have a hidden message in there…!!