Sunday, March 9, 2014

Linsay's blocks for Amy and Anthea

I have had continuing technical difficulties with my computer and it is driving me nuts.  I cannot get my photos to download.  The most likely cause of the problem is me rather than my equipment so I am going to make a post with no photos.  I posted Amy's block in February and I loved making it.  It felt very delicate and dainty after the big bold block of Jennifer's in January.  I always enjoy a bit of traditional piecing. 
I did Anthea's blocks last week and they were in the post my the 3rd of March. That is a record for me, I am usually on time but this month I was super quick.  I made two blocks because they were such fun and they should be arriving in Aus any minute now.
This evening we have been invited out for dinner so I am just off to get ready.  My seventeen year old doesn't want to go.  I have to persuade her to come and hope that she looks happy to be there when we arrive.  This can be a very stubborn age.

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