Thursday, March 27, 2014

March and April done! - Amy (USA)

Hi All,
I am feeling rather accomplished at the moment...only because I sewed March and April's blocks-completely avoiding projects I should be working on! :)
Anthea-I had fun putting together the whirligig blocks-such a quick project-especially without having to use templates. I think my daughter wants to make a quilt of these blocks too!  I ended up making two blocks. I also am sending Pam's block with mine. My family spent spring break out in Colorado for my nephew's baptism. My daughter and I spent a wonderful afternoon with Pam at the Colorado Quilt Museum, a local quilt store and a tea shop. It is so much fun to spend the day with people who share the same love for an activity-even better when it is with family!
My blocks-lighting isn't quite right here.

Pam's block- the lighting is off on this-the green isn't as olive as it looks here.
Katy- it was fun to dig through my scraps to see what I could come up with for your April block. I fell hard for the Bluebird Park line by Moda with the adorable animals-especially the hedgehogs so they had to make an appearance in this block!
Once again-lighting issues-that middle strip is actually a navy with stars.

And the charity block- I just finished my nephew's baby quilt out of Eric Carle fabrics so I went right to them for the charity block-love this block! Great choice!

 Here are the stars I have received so far! I love how they look together! I am excited to see them around the eagle panel :) I love the variety of shades in the stars. This picture doesn't do them justice!


  1. Wow, you've been busy!! I love the variation of your red and blue stars, Amy. It looks so soft!
    Oh my, I LOVE those hedgehogs!!! And well done on your whirligigs. I love your white on whites. We don't have that many cool choices!

    1. I was lucky enough to find both the fabrics for the whirligigs at the quilt store I visited in Colorado with Pam! Thanks!

  2. Blimey Amy, you have been so productive. Look at all these goodies in this post. How clever you are - I don't know where to begin.
    A big thankyou to both you and Pam for my groovy green whirlygigs. I do love them all. That white background is so striking Amy, and the green on the left is just so outrageously fabulous. And Pam, your leaves and dragonflies are beautifully calm and will match really well with all the others.
    I am certain Katy is going to love those cute hedgehogs marching across your colourful April block (yep, checked calendar, still March here). Did you spend ages arranging and re-arranging the colours? I also rather like that little flower that you have in a blue shade and again in a brown.
    Eric Carle is yet to make it off the page into my local fabric shop, but what a fun and bright lot of fabric his marvellous illustrations have been used to create. Excellent choice for the charity block Amy and I think the way you've arranged it is just perfect.
    Oh, and the stars do look great together - strong and yet with a bit of pizazz.

    1. Anthea- the hedgehogs and both flower prints you commented on are from the Bluebird Park line from Moda-it is so cute! I rearranged the strips of fabric several times, then sewed them together-only to sew a few of the rows in a different order than I had decided upon! oops!
      I have the best luck getting Eric Carle fabrics(and many others) from
      Thanks for the kind comments! Now to work on the projects I have been avoiding... ;)

  3. Thanks for all the inspiration Amy! There is so much color and happiness radiating from your post! I am going to get my block for Katy and the charity block done tomorrow. Hopefully by putting this "out there" for everyone to see I will follow through! As I learned in February, it is best if I stay ahead on things and not get behind. Looking forward to seeing the star quilt for your dad.

  4. Holy moly, you are amazing Amy! Very productive...I'm inspired!!! I LOVE the stacked block prints you chose...and the charity quilt block looks so lovely... thank you thank you thank you!
    I'm working on my 2013 hst value quilt this weekend in a mad flurry...will post photos soon. Much love and thanks, Katy