Sunday, May 11, 2014

Boys Nonsense for Linsay...from Katy

Linsay, after all the experience I've had with my value quilt, I would have thought it would be easy to pick fabrics for this block, but it was a toughy...I hope you like the combos I made...I did try to find some fabrics with text on them.

Today is Mother's Day and I took some time to sit at my machine and make up these blocks...sewing is food for my soul. My 5 year old sent a sweet note home about his mom, and one of the questions is 'what does my mom like to do?'...his answer was 'sew' (and working and doing laundry...funny!!) My 7 year old said he loves the good food I make and the surprise hockey cards I buy him and the cakes I bake... my boys are full of nonsense...and sweetness.

I don't know what is going on with my machine but I think I have to have it serviced. It seems like it's pulling the fabric to one side, and my tension is off and I can't get it fixed. So the blue block is better quality when it comes to sewing, because I made it first and then the machine went wonky... and the green block is a reflection of my ailing machine and wonky stitch apologies - you don't need to use both of them.

Much love to all of you. It is warm, sunny, and smells like spring here. We are going to go for a hike now along the Ottawa river...



  1. I really like the way you've pulled the fabrics together for both blocks Katy, but I especially think your first block is bold and striking. I think it is that graphic blue & yellow print. Those wobbly butterflies are pretty cool too.

  2. Thank you Katy, those blocks look lovely. I love the fabrics with the text and I am very impressed that you made two. I am looking forward to putting this quilt together.
    I have almost finished quilting last year's quilt and I am happy with it too. I thought I would be finished by now but the house move got in the way a bit. I'll post a photo as soon as it is done.

  3. Ooohh! So pretty and vibrant! Gorgeous!