Saturday, May 3, 2014

Linsay's square from Amy in Canada

Looks like I am a keener again… It seems like my sewing list is short only at the beginning of the month, so I best get it in before I add another Elsa cape (from the movie Frozen for those of you without children under the age of 12- it is HUGE!), curtains, produce bags, hemming dance recital pants, etc. to my list!

This square sewed up very quickly. I hope I chose the values correctly, Linsay! I love the look of this square. I didn't dare take a picture of it outside today. We've had dreary weather all week. At least the snow is gone!

I look forward to seeing all of your squares here. I love the back and forth of this quilting bee. It is so nice to have discussions about colors and fabrics!


  1. Phew you sound flat out Amy. I am not sharing with my pair the fact that it is possible to make an Elsa cape.
    Seeing your great block next to Linsay's makes me think this is going to be a gorgeous quilt top.

  2. The tones look great Amy, and the colours are lovely. You have made a terrific job of this block. It is so exciting to see the building blocks of the quilt coming to life.
    I asked Arabella (17 years old) if she wanted me to make her an Elsa cape...and she said yes! She helps with the end of year party for the infant school and she thought they would love it if she went as Elsa. Now I'll have to watch the movie to see what it looks like.