Monday, June 2, 2014

Catching Up….

O.k.  I am so excited because I have been really good about getting my blocks done this year!  I have had them done on time every month.  I wish I was as good about getting them in the mail.  I stink at mailing things!  I hope everyone is doing well.

Stephanie (USA)


  1. Pretty blocks, Stephanie. I especially like the one for Linsay with all the red. It reminds me of the red chair (previous post) that you did for your sewing room.

  2. I understand completely Stephanie about hard that next step of going from the revelling in the satisfaction of completing a block, to popping it in the mail. Happens a bit here too!! Still rest assured that I don't mind at all.
    Love all the blocks in this post, the dainty blue looks really great against that groovy red in Linsay's block. My green pin wheel is bright and fun...I love it. And your stacked strips for Katy are pretty.

  3. Hi Stephanie, All three blocks look lovely. I have the dog to thank for helping me get things in the post. He needs a daily walk so we can just head towards the post office.