Monday, June 30, 2014

July Block

Hello! I am really excited about this pattern and color scheme. I am making it for a very close friend of mine who is moving back to Holland this summer. I will really miss her and wanted to give her something that would make her smile! I hope you enjoy helping me do this.

Here is the inspiration for this month's block:

                             Found on                        

I would like the color palette to be restricted to the colors shown above. Please use modern prints (no batiks or mottled solids) in red, brown, white, turquoise, light blue, and soft pink. No black or gray, please. This pattern is a disappearing nine patch. Please use the following  tutorial:

Firstly, please cut 5 inch squares when making the initial 9 square block.
Secondly, please use the middle arrangement when putting the four squares together in the second stage. I want the arrangement to look like the above picture. Does that make sense??!!

Here is a picture walk through of what I did:

My friend is moving mid-August, so the sooner you get me the blocks, the better. Thank you so much!
Contact me with any questions. Thank you!!!!



  1. I have often admired the elegant simplicity of a disappearing nine-patch Amy. This will be a lot of fun I think.

  2. I love it Amy! I will finish mine this weekend and send it right away...along with June's block (sorry for being has been that kind of month around here!)