Sunday, June 1, 2014

Just in time!

I was hoping I would be able to make this post before Stephanie posts her June project and it looks like I made it! Linsay, I have to say that I am a bit nervous that my light pink might not be light enough (I was Team A). I did do the black and white camera test for light, medium, and dark fabrics and it tested just fine. Now as I am looking again at the other contributions from our members it looks like my light fabric might not have enough white in it. After you receive my block in the mail please let me know if you want a "do over" from me, I wouldn't mind at all. I do think it is a cute block, I'm just not sure it is what you were hoping for!

I enjoyed making it and the center fabric is from a new fabric that I have never used before.

I hope all of you in our International Stashes group are doing well!



  1. What a fiesta going on in the middle Jennifer - gorgeous. And I deeply love that green spot, such a marvellous colour. Here's hoping your concerns about the pink are unfounded - I bet Linsay will find a spot on her layout where they really do become "light"

  2. Thanks for your vote of confidence, Anthea! Linsay should get it in the mail today so we shall see what she thinks!

  3. Hi Jennifer, Your block arrived today and it is lovely. Absolutely terrific. I am getting a good feeling about this quilt. The fabric in the centre is such fun, thank you so much.
    Thanks for the card, I don't have a great lake view any more, it is more a of lake glimpse but I am enjoying the new house.