Sunday, July 13, 2014

For Stephanie and Amy (Canada)...Catching Up (again!)

Summer is here and hopefully I will be able to stay caught up for the next two months!

Stephanie here are your two blocks. I liked being able to use my multi language fabric in one of them and to highlight the word BONJOUR since I am in the French speaking part of Switzerland:
And Amy..What a nice gift to give your friend before she leaves for Holland. I'm glad I could be a part of her quilt. I love your color choices!
For both Amy and Stephanie, your blocks are going in the mail first thing Monday morning!
And sorry Ladies, I have to get a bit sentimental here...a few weeks ago my precious kitty was hit by a car and died so I will end this post with a photo tribute to the little sweetie who spent lots of time keeping me company while I sewed:
I hope you are all having a wonderful summer.
Is anyone watching the final of the World Cup tonight?


  1. Dear Jennifer, I am very sorry to hear about your Cat Baby. I know that you loved him a lot.
    I am glad that you are back in the sewing room keeping yourself busy. Those blocks are lovely. I think that you have made some terrific colour choices.
    Warm regards, Linsay.

  2. Jennifer, I'm sorry to hear about kitty! He was a special cat.
    I love your turquoise blues!
    No World Cup, all Tour de France here!
    Thank you,
    Xx Amy

  3. Oh Jennifer, what terribly sad news about your cat. I am sure you are missing him and noticing the space where he once would have been.
    As always, I love your blocks, such bright cheerful fabrics that I am certain Amy and Stephanie will love.