Sunday, August 3, 2014

Anthea's books for Jamie

While sewing this block up for you Jamie, I mused that it would have been fun selecting fabrics that felt connected to particular books.  I wonder what would have come out if I'd done that rather than the completely random method of pulling only from the scraps and trying to choose a wide variety of colours and patterns.  What seems to be on this section of shelf is a complete mish-mash of genres: Gerald Durrell's memoirs, a couple of old high school text books, some magic realism novels and possibly a cooking tome.  Have fun putting the bookshelf together Jamie.

I'll be absent for all of September and two weeks of October everyone - we will be touring New Zealand in a motorhome.  So I am hoping the hosts of the next two months won't want anything too quickly - let me know if you do Pam and Claire and I'll try to complete it this month.

Anthea x


  1. Your bookshelf looks great! And don't worry about timing for my block in October, still deciding!! Claire

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  3. This is so cool! I absolutely love the colours!!! So funky! :)