Friday, October 31, 2014

November boxed in block

Hi all,

So things had been very quiet at my house, and now they are a whole lot more interesting! Amy mentioned that I was about to have my baby, and he finally arrived a week and a half ago (and 7 days overdue)!

Here he is at 5 days old. We're all doing great, and he is a wonderful little snuggler :)

For my block this month, I've picked a twist on a traditional ninepatch from Elizabeth Dackson. She has a great tutorial on her blog at (
Boxed In Free Block Pattern Cover by Elizabeth Dackson/Don't Call Me Betsy

We are going to go with her default measurements, which make a 12" finished square.

As for colours, I'm going to go with a bright and cheerful rainbow theme, so please pick ONE rainbow colour and use as many different fabrics as you've got in that colour to complete the square. Some solids are ok, if you have them, and repeats within the block are ok too, as long as they are on the diagonal from each other (i.e, not right beside each other in the row or column). If you just have very little pieces and would prefer to sew them together to make some of the bigger pieces, that is ok too. I'm hoping this will help a bit with stash busting... though my stash will have to just keep being patient for another month or two! 

please let me know if you have any questions.



  1. Congratulations Micaela and family. Wow...well past the glowing stage then. How delightful to have a new baby in the house. Hope you are getting good sleeps and looking after yourself too.
    I love your idea of a stash busting rainbow colour theme, I've always admired those quilts.

  2. Congratulations Micaela and family! So impressed that you have made a post to the blog on top of everything else that is required of you right now. Looking forward to sending you a block for your rainbow quilt!
    xo Jennifer
    PS: Welcome back Anthea, we missed you on the blog! I had a wonderful visit with Chris and family two weeks ago!

  3. Your baby is adorable! You are so organised getting your block post ready. The block looks simple but so effective. I'm off to have a rummage in my fabric boxes.