Saturday, March 5, 2016

Little boat blocks...WITH INSTRUCTIONS!! March/April here we come

I love spring...and this weekend it feels like spring is almost here. Even though Ottawa is blanketed in snow, the sun is shining and the air smells different...

So for March/April, to celebrate spring and all things bright, I'm asking my quilting bee to help me finish the sailboat quilt I have been planning to make as a baby gift for my brother's baby James...he'll be one year old in June and I've since re-drafted my plan and am going to make it a double quilt rather than a crib quilt. It will have more staying power.

Here's what we've made so far...

So, two more of the same as last year, please and thanks!

Instructions (thanks Jennifer for finding them!!):

Pure white (no prints, my fave is Kona White) for the background
Blue prints (no batik or mottled, fresh solids are great, fun little prints to make the boat part) in every shade of blue from navy to aquamarine... last year, you guys were so inventive and found lovely nautical prints and fun japanese fabrics that make me smile.

The instructions:

Please use her modification - so the 2.5" x 4.5" print on the bottom of the sailboat is replaced with 4 of the 2.5"  squares to keep with the scrappy you'll see from last year's blocks, the visual effect is so lovely.


  1. Hi there . . . hoping to go shopping tomorrow for some fabric to make these blocks asap for you. Can you give me a quick low-down on the fabric choices? I assume various blues but am wondering if there is a specific white that you'd like used. Looking forward to helping with a spring design! Thanks, Rochelle

  2. Hi Rochelle!
    Apologies for the late reply - we were marchbreaking in the Adirondacks this week... The white should be a very clean crisp white with no pattern - I prefer Kona White myself.
    The blues can be shades of bright blue and turquoise, and fun nautical themes to the print if possible - modern, fun prints (japanese), sailing will see from the blocks I already have that there is a nice fun variety to them and the blue hues range from dark navy to light aqua!

  3. ps....still hunting for the instructions. Promise to post by Sunday eve at the latest...