Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Linsay's block for Jennifer

This is my block for Jennifer.  I really enjoyed making it and was happy with the result.  I have added a photo of the block before it was cut into four pieces because I was amazed by the transformation from the simple log cabin to the deceptively intricate final block.
Making the block was the easy part of last week.  I had very few geometric fabrics in my stash so I raced out to look in the one fabric shop in Vevey.  As I had suspected, it was full of dress fabrics and baby prints - useless.  I had a look in the sewing machine shop but they only had about 15 brown fabrics so that was no good either.  I ordered fabric online and thankfully they arrived last Friday morning.  I was checking the mailbox anxiously for four days.
Today I decided to add to our blog.  I wasn't sure exactly how to get into the blog and on my first attempt all I managed to achieve was to add Jennifer as a member to her own blog.  Sorry about that Jennifer.  Now that I have done it once I am sure that I will be more competent next time.

I'm looking forward to our next block.



  1. Wow Linsay! Thank you! I love the fabrics and colors. This is such fun!!


  2. Great job!
    Took me a bit to figure out how to post too, but, give us a couple months and we'll all be pros. :)