Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Shauna's Block

My square is on the way! A big learning curve for me learning how to post on this blog and upload a photo etc. Looking forward to seeing the whole project put together :) Shauna


  1. I especially like the dark green circles on the black background. I also like the red and white plaid. Thanks Shauna! I'm looking forward getting it in the mail.

    PS: That woodwork is gorgeous. Is that a table or a wall?

  2. Jennifer - You are welcome! The woodwork is our living room floor :) We live in a tiny old house with great wood floors.


  3. Shauna,
    Your sewing will always inspire me... this one is so beautiful! And I see your wood floor and it makes me think of your living room and sharing a tea. Miss you. Let's go fabric shopping for the next project soon!