Sunday, March 25, 2012

Flying geese heading North!

Here are my flying geese for Meg. I had a lot of fun learning about this pattern and you can see in the photo that I was able to join two strips of geese together. However by the time I was ready to add the third row (the one on the left side) I realised it didn't match up exactly....oops, obviously my seams were a little out. What an achievement to complete an entire quilt made of flying geese! Just for fun, I had a go at making a larger version using the black and white fabric. I'm very curious to see how you go about putting your quilt together Meg :) What fun!


  1. I love the grey dot fabric against the bright triangles! Very pretty!

  2. Beautiful work Chris! I LOVE the three rows sewn together. I also like that you used a grey background. Great fabric choices and color placement in the overall piece!

  3. I love them!!! I love how you combined the three strips into one block. Gorgeous colors. The gray looks amazing with the bright reds.