Monday, March 26, 2012

LOVE all of your blocks!

Hi everybody -- For some reason, I'm having a tough time commenting on entries.  When I try to, some instructions pop up in German, and I can't understand a word of it, so I back off:)

I am absolutely loving checking both the blog and the mailbox this week!  I'm amazed at how much thought you've all put into your fabric choices and what a great job everyone has done on the construction, especially the people who are out of their comfort zone with diagonal seams and triangles.

Since I sent the email, I've received blocks from Amy from Illinois -- and so funny!  She anticipated something that I wanted to try but didn't have time for -- very tiny geese.  They are so cute and perfect.  I only hope I have the patience necessary to reproduce them, because I like them so much that I know I'm going to need at least two or three more 'chunks' of them.  She also used batik fabrics, which I always admire but haven't really delved into yet.

Chris' block with the gray background is stunning!  I have a block pattern from a friend in Australia with the geese flying in a circle, and I thought to try it on my own.  I'd already chosen a white background with gray dots, so I was thrilled to see Chris' block and know that it would have a friend:)

Finally, just loving the blocks from Amy from Canada, especially the clever use of the foliage print in the background of the strip of flying geese.  I can't tell from the photo if she fussy cut it or it was a lucky accident but the way it seems a tree is growing on one side of the strip is just so unique and pretty.

I think I've already raved about Linsay and Jennifer's blocks in my email, but they're beautiful and of course, quiet special to me since I know them in person!

Sewing like a fiend this week -- Jennifer has already posted photos of our school quilts and my job is to assemble the 'birthday party' quilt.  I've got the top together -- a bit of black and white sashing went a long way toward calming it down and creating a pattern out of a lot of child-friendly, vibrant fabric.  One of Jennifer's students told her last week that she would not put her raffle money toward it and explained (in a shocked tone):  "Mrs. Harper, that quilt is full of fabric with very unhealthy food printed on it!"

I'm also finishing a quilt for my son Jake.  For about a year, he's been asking for a "quilt with red squares", and wouldn't elaborate.  Finally, just before Christmas, I found a bright red Kaffe Fassett plaid and I used it as inspiration for the rest of the fabric choices and the design.  As I was finishing the top, I really worried that it was looking too girly -- in love with a few color combinations, I'd used a couple of florals, and there is some pink and purple in small bits.  Well I gave the completed top to him on Christmas and he LOVED it!  Yes, I do know that's it's late March now:(  But I promise, it is within hours of completion.  Here is the top, 75% finished, but you get an idea:

Thanks again everyone for all of your hard work on my blocks this month!  I just can't wait to show you all the finished quilt!  xo Meg

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  1. Hi Meg, Fun post to read! To get the pages in English, I think you sign in, go to design as if making a new post, go to setting (on far left) and scroll down to language. I think I remember having this same problem when I was setting up the blog. Hope this works!