Friday, March 9, 2012

Jennifer's Block for Meg

It is after 12 midnight in Switzerland and I have been playing around with Flying Geese all evening! Meg said these were addictive to make and I agree! I used Meg's handy Flying Geese ruler and I think for me, having never made Flying Geese before, the ruler helped make this an enjoyable experience. I'm definitely going to get one for myself. Here is the link for the exact one that Meg loaned me:

First, to practice,  I just sewed Flying Geese units together and made a border, 9 units long:

Then I Googled "Flying Geese Blocks" and found this design:

Which I turned into this:

My mom has this book on more Flying Geese patterns and says it has endless ideas:

Looking forward to seeing what everyone comes up with! I think Katy's block was a great start for me to be thinking of measuring pieces exactly and lining up seams. Meg's project was a perfect follow up with the challenge of working with points. Thanks Meg!

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