Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Linsay 20 March 2012

Last weekend I made my flying geese for Meg.  My flying geese ruler is my favourite so I was very happy to start cutting and playing with the fabrics and colours.  I have some leftover Aboriginal style fabrics from a previous project which I wanted to use for Meg.  Meg and I met each other when we lived in Sydney and I thought she would appreciate the fabric. You can see it in the middle row of geese.  Spring has arrived in Switzerland and many of my neighbours have snowdrops all over their gardens.  I have one snowdrop so I included it in my photo.


  1. Hi Linsay, I got to see these "in person" at Meg's on Saturday, they are beautiful! (I am finding that photos on this blog don't do justice to the vibrant fabrics we are using!) I like the way you used a variety of different reds in the centers. I don't usually think of Aboriginal fabrics as having pink in them, the Aboriginal fabric you used is gorgeous!
    I also like the snowdrop in your photo. There is a lone purple hyacinth coming up in a corner of our garden. Hooray for the coming of spring and summer, I am ready!

  2. I LOVE your fabric choices Linsay! So beautiful!!
    And am glad to hear you are feeling better this week. Scott and I have been through that tunnel many times, and I have also taken many ski trips with students, and it breaks my heart to think of the tragedy that occurred. It must be hard to be so close. Warm wishes to you!
    xx Amy (Canada)