Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Meg's Geese are flying her way!

As soon as I snapped this picture, the aptly named Flying Geese took off blowing across my yard! I was able to gather them all and get them sent to you Meg! I did three different sizes and chose to leave the largest four "loose" so that you could use them as fillers wherever!
Hope they land safely at your house soon!
Amy (USA)


  1. Loving all these flying geese creations! I can hardly wait to see how they all will fit together. I must admit that I have yet to cut or piece my geese. I have been outside enjoying this summer weather here in Canada - 24C. I hear the geese fly over head and listen to them chatting on the pond in our back yard as I garden. I promise - soon I will head indoors and start to sew.

  2. Hi Amy... Funny story about the flying geese! I like how you put your black and white in the middle and the red on the outside. Do you have a special ruler that you use for making flying geese or a different method? There seem to be lots of different techniques and everyone has a favorite. I see that you are in the draft version of the April block...I promise not to peek, but I am looking forward to seeing which project you will have for us for April.

  3. I have a ruler which I used to make the middle size geese and adapted it to fit the smaller geese. The loose geese I did like Meg showed in her post.
    And I am excited about the April block! :)