Monday, April 9, 2012

Amy's square for Amy

Here is this month's square for Amy. Wow, it was tough! I tried my hardest to make my seams match up, and they did, most of the time... Whew! I love how the colors came together. I wasn't really sure how to arrange them, and ended up just finding combinations that worked for each individual pyramid. I think by doing that, they each have their own volume and tone. I like the end product, and hope you do too, Amy!


  1. Wow! Amy, I love it!! And I love how different it looks to mine, even though there are a number of common patterns!!! I love the creativity of the instructions, to let each piece speak for the quilter's personality... great work! I guess Juliette has been calm and a happy baby :)

  2. I love these blocks. I have finished my one too and tomorrow I will photograph it and then get it in the post. I thought the block was technically challenging but great fun. I loved choosing the colours and I think it looks lovely from the back too with all the seams pressed open. Good choice Amy.

  3. Beautiful work Amy! Each ring clearly stands apart from the one next to it. I love the two owls that you included and I see some of my favorite green print that Shauna used in my log cabin block in January. Fun!

  4. Wow! Amy it is beautiful! I can't wait to see all these blocks in person! I truly hope that everyone is enjoying making them...
    Amy (USA)

  5. Amy - I LOVE your block. I can see scraps from each of our stashes. Beautiful.