Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Meg's Block for Amy

Hi Everybody -- First of all, I think I've received all of my Flying Geese and thank you all so much!  The different fabrics, sizes and configurations will all make for a really fabulous and unique quilt.  I won't have time to put it together until later this summer, but I promise photos as soon as I start the design process.

I had a lot of fun working on Amy's block this week.  It's technically challenging, but I like that kind of project.  I've never pressed the seams open for any quilt;  initially, I was skeptical but I found that it helped a lot in avoiding twisted seam allowances.  Fabric selection was the most fun part for me.  I have a plastic storage box the size of a large trunk with tiny bits of every quilt I've ever worked on and it was a blast, looking at fabric that I haven't seen for many years.  Amy, each bit in this block originated in another one of my quilts, so every piece is special (well, at least to me!).  You will notice just a few bits of the oh-so-lovely 'red squares' from my son's quilt that I finished just last week.

Can't wait to see how it all comes together in the end!  xo Meg


  1. Meg I love it! I had as much fun pulling fabrics for the same reason! I am going to treasure each of these squares because of the memories that each square holds for all of you!
    Thanks again!
    Amy (USA)

  2. Thanks for sharing your work been very helpful to read about how you approached this month's block. Amy's going to have one very bright and beautiful quilt I'm sure. Lovely blocks :)

  3. Pretty! Pretty! It's neat (once again) how each block is taking on its owner's own unique style. Meg, I notice too, the red star piece in the first ring is from one of our International quilts from school:-) I agree that this is going to be a gorgeous, colorful quilt for Amy!

  4. Meg, another beautiful rainbow block. I too have to think twice while pressing to make sure I iron the seams open. Well done: I really hope mine fits together in the end too :). Motivational seeing everyones finished blocks. PS hope my geese get to you soon.