Sunday, April 29, 2012

Finished Blocks!!!

Here is my son with my finished Flying Geese Blocks for Meg. He Is pointing out the bike fabric, one of his favourites (and mine too). Yes, he is in his PJ's. One of his favourite things to wear. I promise this was finished some time ago! Finally posting it today :)  While doing this block, I often heard the Canada geese flying over our house, as they returned from their trip south.  As I was taking this photo, I could hear them honking on the river behind our house. I loved having an excuse to purchase some new black and white fabric for this block. I bought my fabric from a quaint little quilt shop in Shakespeare . Hope you enjoy these, Meg. It was a pleasure to make them for you.
Here is my daughter posing with the many pieces of fabric for Amy's April block.  We had fun arranging them together on the floor. She helped me arrange, pin into chunks and number with tape. I returned to this photo often while sewing the pieces together to check our arrangement. Working with bits of "new to me fabric" from our local fabric swap gathering was like a breath of fresh air. Thanks to Katy, Amy, Genevieve, Micaela and my good friend and neighbour Pat for sharing your fabrics!

And here it is!!!! Wow. I felt so very proud of myself after finishing this block. I did a little happy dance through the house to show it off to my family. I have never attempted something this tricky. I really tried my best to cut, sew, and match points as accurately as possible. My finished block is just under 17X17. Hopefully you can do something with it. I am really looking forward to the finished quilt. After seeing all the finished blocks thus far, I think it will be stunning! Happy Sunday :) Shauna


  1. Shauna, I love your work. I like the effect of the larger scale prints you used for Amy's block and the beautiful rainbow colours. And, the cute snapshots of your kids :)

  2. Hi Shauna! What a fun post. I love seeing your cute kids and all the fresh air, garden, and sunshine they have to play in! It was neat too, to hear about Shakespeare. My family went there the summer before I started university to attend the festival. I still have so many vivid memories of that trip!
    On to your quilting though...the colors in your April block are so vivid! I am looking forward to visiting the shop online that you mention. Thanks for adding the link. It's nice too that all of you in that area could do some swapping of pieces to add to your work.
    Looking forward to seeing your project for us to make for May!!

  3. Shauna- I am so excited to be receiving all these beautiful blocks! I love the vibrant colors in your block! And no worries, my block is not right on in size either. I love the picture of your daughter helping you-mine did the same thing! I think she could have spent all day arranging and rearranging the color combinations.
    Thanks again!
    Amy (USA)