Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Chris' block for Amy

Wow, what a sense of achievement! It's not perfect but I'm very happy with how it came together. I hope you'll be happy with it Amy :) I enjoyed choosing the fabrics although in the end I think the bold purple is probably too strong compared to the other colours. Note to self - add to my limited purple stash. Thanks to everyone's posts. I gain a lot from reading your thoughts and tips, and of course viewing your lovely work.


  1. Chris- I love it! I am so excited to put this quilt together!
    Thank you!
    Amy (USA)

  2. Hi Chris, (I'm always so excited to see a new post on the blog!) When I clicked on your picture to enlarge it, the first thing I saw was how perfect your points are in the middle! Amy, sorry to say my middle points are not quite so perfect! As always Chris, I love your fabric choices (especially the cute cat and the donkey). Where do you get your fabrics? Are they by Australian designers? Nice work!

  3. Was excited to see a new post tonight on the blog. I like how soft your block looks. I too would like to know where you get your fabric. I only hope my points are as matching :) I am ready to cut my "chunks" into triangles and stitch it all together - fingers crossed.

  4. Hi girls, it was the lure of beautiful fabrics that brought me to quilting in the first place and an awe-inspiring fabric store or two in Melbourne. Luckily I've found another gorgeous shop here in Perth :) So a lot of my fabrics come from local stores although I do also buy online mostly at, and I have a few Japanese fabrics in my stash, Lecien, Kokka, Nani Iro but also love and support Australian and International designers. The small red raindrop fabric is from Umbrella Prints, Aus. The donkey is Japanese (same fabric I used in Katy's block) as is the cat! The pink hatching fabric is by Alexander Henry, USA. Have a browse at :)